Reverend Gail Hicks


Workshops to offer

For the following workshops
(offered at your business or privately, and some at my home)

The workshops below are in different levels of study for many who are working on their mediumship. Some offered are more intermediate or advanced and some are basic.  It is important for the individual to have a spiritual foundation prior to coming to some of the other workshops offered. It's important to feel comfortable at each workshop and have a connection with at least one of your spirit guides as you progress in your development.

Be sure that you have a beginning spiritual base before attending the more intermediate workshops.  For example, to have 'Meet your Guides and Teachers and Basic Spiritual Gifts' before advancing to the 'Trance' workshop.  ( you may consult with Rev. Hicks, prior to attending)

Meet your Guides and Teachers  (Beginning)
(includes a meditation)

This workshop is for those who want to learn more about their guides and mediumship.  There will be a lecture to explain each of the guides and loved ones . We will learn about how your guides work with you on a daily bases, and how to communicate with them through meditation.

There will be a guided meditation to all 'five spirit guides', doctor or philosophy, doctor of chemistry, master teacher, joy guide and native American Indian.  Come and share this experience of meeting your personal guides and open to your spiritual gifts. (2 1/2 hours)

Meet your Guides and Teachers  Part 2
(includes a meditation)

This workshop is for those who have completed the beginning workshop and would like to have more help with their connection to their guides and help with discernment and the messages they are receiving. Each individual will have time to discuss whatever 'blockages' they are having with connecting to their guides or problems in their meditation.  This is more in depth on the different phases of mediumship and how the student is receiving from spirit.

Basic Spiritual Gifts and how to utilize them   (Beginning)     
Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, etc.
(includes a meditation)

This workshop is for those who want to learn more about their on inherent spiritual gifts.  Many of us have intuition and psychic abilities, and not know how to control them or tap into them for other purposes.  In this workshop you will learn which of the different mental phases of mediumship are present in you.  We will discuss how to open up to each phase and how to practice understanding their help in your daily life and progression towards your spiritual goals.  Also, you will be learning how to understand the visions, dreams, and mental messages that you are receiving.  This workshop is a 'must' for anyone how has questions about their spiritual growth and the benefits of your special gifts.

Also in this workshop, Rev. Hicks will demonstrate
Arch Angels & Guardian Angels

In  this workshop we will learn about all the Arch Angels and which one that we work with the most and how they have chosen you to help them.  A lecture on each Arch– Angel and their attributes, gifts and how to call upon them in your time of need or healing for yourself and others.  We will discover our own personal guardian angel including their name, how they can help us in other ways with our spiritual path and healing.  Also we will have several different mediations to the Arch Angels and our guardian angel to introduce ourselves to them and open the door for communication with them.  For many of you who call upon the Angels and would like to have a closure personal relationship with them, this workshop is definitely for you.

'How to Build an Alter for your Spiritual Path'

In this workshop you will learn the importance of an Alter and how to utilize it to benefit you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Rev. Hicks will demonstrate how to build the alter; all about the candles and the colors used, all the elements needed earth, wind, fire and water.  Also she will teach you how to clean, clear and bless each candle and the placements of them.  This is a very intense workshop and the benefits for you and your loved ones, who you send pray to and whatever else that you would like to place on the alter will change your life.  Rev. Gail will also teach you how to make “Holy Water” for your alter and healing.  What a great workshop to attend and learn how to invocate Spirit and change your life. (2 1/2 hours )

Workshop "Spirit Art"

In this workshop each of us will learn how to open up and connect with our spirit guides to draw impression of them and loved ones from the world of spirit.  I will demonstrate and draw some spirit guides to show how to open up and be able to allow spirit to draw through as an 'instrument' while receiving messages and guidance on expressing them on paper.  Each person will focus on their own personal "Inner Band" and draw their portraits for their personal focus for home.  You don't have to have "any' drawing ability, just let spirit help you out...  Supplies needed each person should bring there own for this workshop.  A Drawing pad 11x14 is a nice size, some colored chalk pastels, a kneaded eraser, a black and white chalk pencil.  This is such a fun and expressive time with spirit!!!! Come and draw your guides !!!

Physical Phenomena

This is a workshop on the 'Gifts of the Spirit'. Rev. Hicks explains the various types of phenomena such as mental and physical mediumship. Like 'what is the difference between clairvoyance and trance'?  The different phases of mental mediumship like clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry (soul measuring) absentee healing, trance, flower readings, flame message.. Etc.. Also the different phases of physical mediumship like, apports, spirit lights, etheralization, materialization, trumpet, healing, spirit card writing, spirit on silk, levitation, etc.

In this workshop, Rev. Hicks will demonstrate some of her gifts of spirit and discuss how she works with her guides and teachers.  This is a wonderful workshop and demonstration.  Don’t miss it.

Also in this workshop, Rev. Hicks will demonstrate
Beginning Trance  (Intermediate)

In this workshop we will learn about all the different phases of  "Trance", light trance, medium trance and cataleptic trance or dead trance.  Each phase will be explained with all the guide lines to protecting yourself while in trance, how to work your guides with trance, what is a door keeper, and who is your door keeper.  We will all experience how it feels to go into trance, how our guide feels in our aura, our body and allowing them to speak through your body.  We will be in the light with this workshop. Those attending this workshop should have a basic foundation of mediumship (meet your guides and teachers workshop, basic mediumship, and know at least one of their spirit guides)

Trance and Transfiguration Workshop (Intermediate)

This is an intermediate workshop for those who are already working with their guides and teachers. We will be sitting (red light) one at a time in a chair where all of us will be able to watch the 'Transfiguration' of spirit over the sitter.  Then allowing the spirit guide, teacher or loved one to speak or give a teaching to the group.  We will be working in the red light, to build up the ectoplasm, for forms of spirit over each individual.  The room will be charged for the group attending and I will start with a demonstration and teaching from one of my spirit teachers for this workshop. This is a vey intense workshop and should be limited to 2- 2 1/2 hours and 10-12 people so that everyone has their time in the chair to sit for spirit.  

Workshop on Ascended Masters (Beginning/Intermediate)

In this workshop we will discuss Ascended Masters and how they help us and guide us daily with our 'Inner Band'. We will discuss the Ascended Masters that work with each of us and how we can open up to their guidance and knowledge for our daily life. Many of you will have lots of your questions answered in this workshop by a knowledge of which Ascended Master is calling upon you or that you are vibrating towards.    We will also have a  'guided meditation' to a few of  Ascended Masters for us to connect to their energy and to open to the realm of Higher Teachings and the Mystery School.  Some of the Ascended Master of discussion will be   St. Germaine, Lady Nada, Elmorya, Serapis Bey , Djwal Klul etc...It's a wonderful experience for all.

Spiritual Healing (Beginning)

In this workshop we will learn about Spiritual Healing - laying of hands and magnetic healing.  Everyone can develop their healing abilities and how to focus on the art of concentrating healing for the self and for others.  Spiritual Healing is a process of sending the energies of 'Spirit' through your own body, mind and spirit, to receive for the self, or others and also absentee healing.  We will discuss the various techniques and how to open up to our spirit healers to send healing.  We will do healings on each other, a group healing, and an absentee healing for someone from the group who knows of someone who is in need of a spiritual healing.  This is a beginning healing class, but a very important for anyone who would like to purse their healing abilities and receive healing.  Come and share in 'healing'.  

Sound Healing ( Intermediate)

This intense workshop is healing with different types of instruments and toning with your voice. Using instruments like Tibetan bowls, drums, flute, didgeridoos, shooti-box or harmonium, rain stick, etc.  Each instrument heals different levels of consciousness, dimensions, organs in the body, past life issues, etc.  In this workshop you will learn about healing yourself with sound and the instruments that you have at home.  We will have various types of chants from different parts of the whole to incorporate with our toning.  Plus each person will receive a vibration sound healing in class demonstrating the change in each person’s energy and their aura.