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Testimonials for Pets

Madison  (alias - Destruckto Tail)

I have a 2 1/2 yr old female Black Lab, during the summer of 2005 she hurt her tail playing & could not lift it up, even to go do her duty (what a mess).   I brought her to the Vet who told me that the tail had been sprained & there was nothing but it would take time to heal it.  It did heal, it took over 2 months with a lot of pain for Madison and every time her tail was touched she cried relentlessly.

On April 19, 2006, Madison again hurt her tail with the same result of not being able to pick it up herself or us touch it with out pain.  I called Rev. Gail Hicks to see if she & her guides could help. During the evening of April 20,  I brought Madison to see Gail - she worked with my dog for a long while & said in a few days she should be fine. The next morning I got up to let Madison out & there she was wagging her tail with happiness - the swelling & pain were all gone.

I now have back my loving Destructo Tail once again in a matter of a few hours instead of months.

Thank you from both of us.

D. Nourse Middletown , MA   April 2006

Another Update, on “Mr. Jingles”

It’s April and I just wanted to let you know that Jingles is doing very well.  I thought that he had a bladder infection; he sometimes gets them when I take him to the vet to be weighed and for the vet to see just how good Jingle is doing. He gets them because he is so nervous.  He went the first time two weeks ago for his weight, then I took him three days ago because of this bladder infection, which went away.

The Doctor was amazed to see Jingles doing so good, he was speechless.  He really did not know what to say.  He said, “Dot, I would have never told you to go to a faith healer,” right there I just knew he did not understand the healing process, but hopefully he will come around.

One of the vet techs that was in the room asked what was wrong with Jingles, the Doctor turned and looked at her and said, “Jingles was dying”.  The girl’s mouth dropped open.  When I went to pay the bill they all asked me for Gail’s website and information.  Thank you for helping my miracle kitty, Jingles.

D. Breakell, New Bedford , MA


"Mr. Jingles” the kitty cat

Mr. Jingles

It was January 2nd when I brought my cat Jingles to the veterinarian. He was loosing a lot of weight, and I could tell when I would pet him that I could not tell how much weight he had lost.  The vet techs weighed Jingles and his weight was 14.11 pounds.  This was a big difference from his weight at 19 pounds.  The veterinarian ran blood work and did not see any abnormalities, but he did find out that Jingles had a bladder infection.  He gave me some antibiotics to help that and sent Jingles home with me.  I would watch him and see that he wanted to eat, but could not, so I took him back to the vet that following Wednesday. The vet was going to take x-rays to see if there were any blockages. When he was done he did not like what he saw, so he recommended a barium x-ray. When the test results were done, he called me and told me that he was 98% sure that Jingles has lymphoid-sarcoma.  There was a cancer that was growing on the outside of Jingles intestines, and closing them up. This was the reason that Jingles was not eating, the cancer had formed on the intestines right by the stomach.  

The vet said we could do exploratory surgery, endoscopes, or an injection of cortisone.  When the procedures were explained to me, I decided not to have any of them done due to the risk it would have cause Jingles.  I told the vet to give Jingles a shots.  I did not want any more poking and probing to be done to him, I just wanted to take him home.

I must tell you how this devastates me.  I could not bear to lose Jingles.  He is such a beautiful spirit and how he puts a smile on your heart.

I brought Jingle home and for 5 days I was force feeding him with a syringe food and water.  Then after the 5th day he seemed to eat very small amounts on his own.  It was not enough for him. So I would still give him the rest with a syringe.

I was thinking that I could not let him live like this, starving.  I was thinking the most awful thing of what I probably had to do and it was tearing me apart.  I prayed to God to help heal my cat, Jingles.

Two weeks had passed and it came to me, “I thought of Gail”.  I had taken Jingles to her is the past why not for this.  I immediately called her about Jingles and she said come right over.

Jingles was having his healing with Gail and you could see that he was very content.  When I brought him home, I put the cat carrier on the floor and opened the door.  Jingles went right for his dry food, which he was not able to ear at all. He could only eat his soft food. I watched Jingles as he ate and ate, then he went for the other bowl of food and continued to eat.  He looked so much bright and happier.  His whole face was alive again.  He was had more energy and life again.

From that day on Jingles appetite increased more and more everyday.  Gail did not say that I had to come back for another healing, but I did anyway. It was just something I wanted to do just to make sure that he was going to be okay.

Well, I must say that my Jingles is eating more than before and he is looking so healthy.  I did put him on some of the supplement that Gail recommended which were flaxseed oil and a digestive enzyme.

I just want people to know that I am so glad Gail was there to help Jingles, because if she was not, I do not know what would have happened. I thank God for her.  She was the answer to my prayers, thank you Gail and thank you God.

D. Breakell, New Bedford , MA . 2006


Wish upon a Starr…...

Dog Healing

On Wednesday March 19, 2003, I brought Sam to our regular veterinarian .  When he saw the tumors on his stomach he said, because they were all over his lower abdomen that if he survived the surgery, he would have to put another opening for him to urinate and at 13 years old it would be too much.  He told me to take Sam home, enjoy him and bring him back when I was ready to euthanize him.  He sent us home with some Rimadal. I knew Sam was already very uncomfortable. If he was going to be put to sleep because of his discomfort, it should have been right then, if surgery wasn’t possible. Looking into Sam’s eyes I knew and felt he was not ready to go.

I cried all the way home praying for help from above to get us through this time and have someone with an open heart to help us through this transition.  I was not looking for a miracle, I was looking for peace and comfort for Sam in whatever form it might be.

Not wanting to leave Sam that night, I attended a friend’s housing blessing, where I met Reverend Gail Hicks, who was telling another person about her work. She spoke of her spirit portraits, soul healings and animal healings.  Hmm, I said to myself "animal this was too much of a coincidence." Next day, Sam’s tumors where getting larger, very red and starting to bleed.  I had a meeting out of town. While I was there all I kept thinking  was “Call Rev. Gail Hicks”.  When I returned home I called her and she had just finished doing healings on two ferrets and a dog.  I told her about Sam.

She said "in his condition, I am on my way"….. Gail worked with Sam and me from 5:00–11:00 pm and showed me how to make poultices and teas for Sam’s food.

We watched the tumors shrink right in front of us. Sam’s breathing was relaxed and he was snoring when she left! She suggested a natural diet, herbs and she also made a salve for his infected tumors to heal and relieve the itching. Saturday, March 23rd, Sam started his new diet, combined with Rev. Gail’s healings. It is now May 5th and Sam is feeling like a new dog. He appears to have no discomfort, no itching, tumors have shrunk and his arthritis is gone. He is barking again and walking out to greet people when they arrive.  He went out and rolled in the grass under his favorite tree, like he use to do when he was younger. He loves his new diet and is back to stealing the other dog’s food! Yes, it is a miracle!  Sam and my prayers were answered by Gail and she has a true gift to heal all living things. We are truly blessed to have more time together.

Mary Starr, Falmouth, MA    2003

Before: Inflamed TumorsPet Healings

After Healings
Dog Healing

Before: Inflamed Tumors Dog Healing

After Healings  Dog Healing


Our Murphy Miracle

Pet Healings     Murphy’s left front paw was crushed under a delivery truck.  Two Vets wanted to amputate up to he shoulder.  The 3rd Hospital  Angel Memorial said that he was a good candidate for reconstruction surgery  for his leg and paw.

     One of our major problems with Murphy was that we could not get him to stop eating/chewing on his injury after the surgery and eating the bandages off . His wound was 6 to 7 inches long and 3 inches wide.  The wound was open, leaking, gangrene and infected. We were very concerned about losing the whole left leg.

     We  were referred by our massage therapist to make an appointment for Murphy with Rev. Gail.  Our first visit  9/01 we saw results immediately, he was calmer and did not chew at his foot.  After the 3rd visit we notice that the gangrene had disappeared and new healthy skin had form over the open wound.  Murphy’s anxiety over his foot was definitely lessened and his energy increased back to being a young pup. Rev. Gail’s healing released the inner trauma from the horrible accident.  By Christmas of 2001, our   miracle happened.  Murphy’s left paw was completely closed with new skin, coloring , hair    growing and the wound was smaller.  His entire being had changed and the healing made him younger. Now  we are full of joy and healed by this family experience!                                                       

 J. S. & G.M.  N. Dighton, MA. 2002

BeforMurphy's Lege Murphy's Leg Healed
Before After


“The DoCoyote”

DoCoyote HealingMy dog “Grizzly Bear,” is a 14 year old Coyote, Doberman and Black Lab mix, who has a gentle loving personality.  Unfortunately, he also has arthritis and a heart condition.  The Vet has him on medication for both but held little hope that he would be around long, this was last Septmeber, we were hoping to get him through another year.  Grizzly has also been seeing Gail and has been doing wonderful; he was back outside playing tag with the horses in the corral and running around like a 2 year old again. 

The Vet wanted to know what happened?  They figured his quality of life would go down extremely quickly.

Recently, Grizzly had a small set back.  He lost a lot of weight at one time which is good for his condition but, when his medication has not been adjusted accordingly this can be a problem.

He ended up in the hospital because it shut down his kidney; again I thought he might leave me.  The Vets prospects were very dismal, maybe a 30% chance of pulling through.  I called Gail and asked her to please send out her healing ability  to Grizzly as he was in dire straits, which she did and it made all the difference in the world.  Good news, Grizzly had a tuff time of it but after 2 weeks of treatment from the Vet and Gail he’s going to be ok.     

D. N. Middleboro, MA 2003

Tamone is a ferret... 

Tamone The FerretWho is loving and mischievous.  He is 8, an adrenal tumor, gland problems ,barely any hair and because of his age and location it is inoperable. Normally, this is a slow death sentece for a ferret, because the tumor grows and it cuts off other organs from functioning.

On March 21, 2003, I brought all of the animals to Gail, but mostly for “Tamone”. She worked on his neck and adrenal tumor with laying of hands, tuning forks, toning with her voice and talking to him. 

When I left “Tamone’s” neck was a little down and I felt good about his prospects.  He has been to see Gail three more times since then. His neck is back to normal and the veternarian can no longer locate the adrenal tumor he had and asked what happened?  I told him that Tamone was receiving spiritual healing. 

Tamone is very happy and energetic for his age, though we are still a little short of hair at this point.  That’s ok, because it is growing back in and my biggest thing is quality of life.

May God bless her in all her healing abilities.

D. N. Middleboro , MA.