Reverend Gail Hicks


Testimonials for Horse Healings

BridgetBridget Horse Healed

     On. February 1, 2004 she hurt herself badly. Somehow, she either rubbed against a tree or rolled and caught the buckle of her winter blanket. This buckle tore open her chest: it was 6 inches across & 3 inches deep. I had to literally pull the blanket & buckle out of her chest. We called the Vet, because it was infected and bleeding. The Vet had to operate to remove the infected area and returned everyday for a week to clean the wound and give antibiotics. The Vet felt that the wound would heal in a month or so, but there would be a very large scar most likely with proud flesh (protruding scar tissue). I called Gail who came out he next day and did an extensive healing and also made some herbal poultices to be placed on the wound everyday. The Vet is amazed at Bridget’s recovery not only did the wound heal within 2 weeks, but you cannot even tell where she cut herself. There is NO SCAR.  Bridget has a thin line about 1/2 inch long, which is covered by her hair.   

D.N. Middleboro, MA





Angel Horse

I have a horse named “Angel”, who the vets had given up on.  We’re not sure, but we think she fell down about 4 years ago, during the winter and hurt herself along her hips and back end. After this she limped for a while but seemed ok, until you tried to pick up her back feet.  The farrier (horseshoer) or anyone else, who tried, could not get her to pick them up at all with out a massive fight.  We could not trim or shoe her back feet, also when you rode her, she was off on the back and had trouble turning to the left.  I took her three times to my local Vet, who could not find anything wrong, he recommended I take her up to Tufts Vet School and have then take a look.  I did this and when I got there “Angel” would not allow them to even touch her back end, I think the trailer ride up there aggravated it.

    They (Tufts Vets) concluded that it was a behavioral problem and I should tranquilize her during shoeing, until she learned to behave, they had no explanation for the problem when riding and suggested that I “Bute” her (this is a horse aspirin) before hand.  For 2 years after this every time I wanted to have her shod she was tranquilized which between the Farrier and the Vet was a $250.00 plus bill every 6 weeks, which was a bit expensive, and the Bute before riding.  Finally, “Angel” would allow the Farrier to work with her back feet without the tranquilizer, but only if he started with the right hind first and worked quickly.  She continued to be uncomfortable riding and I was concerned.  Again, I called the Vet and still he could find nothing wrong.

On Saturday April 4, 2003, Gail came to my home for “Angel”.  Within ½ hour, she had found the problem with her back and started using her healing techniques.  Within one hour, “Angel” was moving with ease and was no longer off on the hind end.  The following day I rode “Angel”, she was perfect.  There was no apparent pain in her movements, they were very easy and fluid, and she was able to turn in all directions at any pace without a problem and seemed happy to be working, which had not happened in years.  “Angel” and I work on a regular basis now without any pain or problems; she also allows the Farrier and anyone else to work with her back feet.  I can’t wait for the Vets to come down for their yearly shots and have him pick up her feet and see the fluidity of her movements.

D.N. Middleboro, MA 2003


Extra Rave 

Extra Rave Horse

Extra Rave and his right eye…When I examined Rave his first healing was in his stall because he was too unpredictable and spooked by his visual impairment. Cynthia and I were in his stall and the only way I could  calm him down enough to heal his eye was to use aromatherapy fragrance of lavender which relaxed him. I introduced myself to Rave and placed my hand on his forehead and I felt his loss and sense of direction due to the eye injury. I heard him ask me “Can you help me?” and I told him I would do my best. At that point Rave lowered his head  and turned to the left so I could see the cloud-like film that covered his eye. I gently cupped my hands over his right eye and began to pray, asking for help from my spirit healing staff. I worked on his eye for almost twenty minutes. During this time, Rave impressed me with thoughts of his frustration and lack of trust with people during training. He could only see with one eye and he also informed me that his equilibrium was off.

 We noticed an improvement after the first healing in both his disposition and the condition of the eye. I returned several times to continue the healing that had begun that first day.

After eight sessions his eye was almost totally clear. Only a tiny spot remained. Rave was able to resume training and was back under the saddle. 

                In Feb. of 2000, Extra Rave’s first competition he placed 3rd twice, 2nd and Grand Champion for Plantation..  January of 2003, Extra Rave received a special award from the TWHA for his excellence!!!


Extra Cash
1997 TWHA Francis Gentry Award

    On my way to Camp Chesterfield, Indiana, I stopped in Tennessee, to see my best friend Cynthia and her mom, Bonnie, at the Horse Hub. Cynthia asked me if I would look at Extra Cash and some of the other horses and do healings. When she brought Extra Cash to the cross ties, we introduced ourselves and I attuned to my healing guides and started communicating with him. Cynthia told me about his injuries but very quickly Extra  Cash began to communicate his feelings by transmitting pictures of his front legs into my mind. I then sat down on a bucket and asked him out lout for his foot and he lifted up his right leg and I started healing. I noticed that there was swelling and scarring above the hoof and then  I proceeded up his leg. I confirmed this with my guides and teachers and was impressed to do his other front leg and send the color orange to repair his aura and the energy around his legs. My guides also suggested that magnets worn in his leg wraps would help support his feet and keep the circulation flowing.

About a week later I returned and Cynthia and I checked Extra Cash’s legs and we noticed the swelling was gone and that the scarring had healed. Extra Cash was able to resume breeding without pain relief medication.         

     Call or email Bonnie Cady, owner of Extra Cash or better yet  get it straight from the horses mouth, stop by and see Extra Cash at The Horse Hub in Shelbyville, TN!

Barn phone: 931-684-0734   Ask for Bonnie or Cynthia, Email: