Reverend Gail Hicks


Spirit Flame Messages

( all message limited to 15 all message (private) circle or as open to (public) as many people spirit can touch with in 2 hours)

I will touch each person with a personal Spirit Flame Message with a Clairvoyant message from a loved one and or spirit guide....

Spirit Flame Message


Spirit Flame Message

Spirit Flame Message


"Rev. Hicks interpreting the images that are appearing on the spirit flame card, impressed and drawn by a loved one in the spirit work.  Several images, colors and writing can be found in the card after the event is over."


What is a Spirit Flame Card?

"Spirit Flame" messages is a form of physical phenomena where Rev. Gail Hicks and her Spirit Guides help to produce an impression whether a symbol, a sign, a photograph, or an image, from a tapered candle flame onto a blank bright white index card. The message on the card is from your loved ones in spirit, and or spirit guides. Rev. Gail uses her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, through her mediumship to interpret your personal flame message and communicate with your loved ones. Come and share this wonderful experience to connect with your family and spirit and go home with your personalized ‘spirit flame card’.


Spirit Flame Group Event - 'open to the public'.

This is a demonstration of the gifts of spirit and spirit communication to all who attend. In this group event, not everyone will receive a message. I have been demonstrating groups events at many holistic centers here in New England. Like NEHCC (New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce South coast, MA, Sisters of Solace in Westport, MA., Reiki Center Lakeville, MA, Tranquil Mind and Yoga Center Lakeville, MA, Lotus Rising Heal & Yoga Center, Fall River, MA., Waterstreet Cafe, Fall River, MA., Metaphysical School of Ct., Metaphysical Chapel of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., Integrated Wellness Partners Mullica Hills, NJ., Albertson Memorial Church Greenwich, CT, etc. In the group events I give message for two hours for large public demonstration.

To book your business or center for a 'Spirit Flame Message' service please contact me for dates available and price.

Spirit Flame Private Event

For a private at your home, business or center this is a nice way to share spirit with your friends, family and co-workers. Many people have a little appetizer party and then sit down for the 'Spirit Flame Messages'. For these event a minimum of 10 people is required maximum 15. Rev. Hicks will touch each person with a personal Spirit Flame Message with a Clairvoyant message from a loved one and or spirit guide....


Loved one Message

Loved one or guide
Sending healing to their  
Family here  


Loved Ones Message

Loved one drew her doggie still
on the earth plane to
Symbolize her love to her Dad


Loved Ones Message

A horse appeared for this person,
who lost had just loss them


Loved Ones Message

A woman with child to symbolize wanting a child of her own


Loved Ones Message

received a message
from the Holy Spirit