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Soul healings are a way of totally releasing any blockages and negativities, mentally and emotionally, through mirror-therapy. This type of healing is a very in depth process allowing you to regain your personal power. Vibrational healing through instrumentation such as didgeridoo, Tibetan bowls & bells, tuning forks, and vocal toning are incorporated with the laying of hands. Affirmations and prayer as well as the mirror therapy are invoked in these sessions.

2 Hour Soul Healing
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Spiritual Healer Gail Hicks is a naturally talented psychic, located in North Dartmouth, MA. Reverend Hicks offers soul healing and psychic reading services to those seeking freedom from negative mental or physical negativity.
Soul Healings are a two hour session where each client brings in a list of negative things that are affecting them mentally, emotionally, physically on a sheet of paper where we do 'mirror therapy'. Also to bring a positive list of that which they are ready to affirm and manifest in their life.  

(Example : Negative list:  " I release into the universe breast cancer, MS, my fight with my friend, etc" ...Positive list would be:  " I am in remission from breast cancer, I no longer have any of the symptoms of MS, my friendships are wonderful, I am happy,  etc)

A soul healing includes chakra balancing, alignment, and tuning.  Voice and toning with instruments also will be used according to the vibration of the soul for the healing process. 

This type of healing is a very in depth process allowing you to regain your personal focus and power.  

If you have a serious condition, terminal illness or have had this physical problem for a long time, a soul healing is the best to open and help the healing to begin and to have a positive mind.  Do to the diagnoses, and the client, more than one session will be needed.

I recommend all of my clients to start with a 'Soul Healing' first to release and let go, then a 'boost'  spiritual healing  about one two weeks after to set the energies.

I call a soul healing a 'spiritual makeover'.  You can see the difference in the mirror after and your taller!