Reverend Gail Hicks


Soul Healing Testimonials

I've waited to write my testimonial

I wanted to be able to speak to not only the experience itself but also to what the days to follow have been like.  My primary reason for seeking you out was to help me with a disease that has plagued my life for 25 years.  Depression and alcoholism go hand in hand and each feeds off the other.  I have constantly struggled not to allow my spirit from being sucked away daily by both of these conditions.  Nothing I've done through conventional treatment has ever helped.

After the soul healing session with you, I literally had to go home and lay down.  My body, my mind and my spirit felt truly exhausted.  I know now that I was experiencing the hard work and vacuum of releasing all that negativity and disease.  My life is truly changed thanks to your being an instrument of faith and healing.  I am living life to its fullest with no dark clouds hanging over me crippling or robbing my joy.  I no longer live to get home at the end of the day to drink.  I've actually joined a gym, am making new friends and enjoying my current relationships more fully than ever.  I understand and experience personal fulfillment and joy and I'm happy with me.

I can't tell you the numbers of people that I have encouraged to go and pray with you in this sacred soul healing experience. Praise God for you and your willingness to help others.

J.R. Tiverton, RI

I Fell off the Ladder

Gail is an excellent healer. I was cleaning my gutters when I fell 30 feet off of my ladder. As I fell off the ladder, my leg got caught in a ladder run, then I fell backward hitting my back. The ladder run broke my left leg, tore my ACL and damaged my LCL, PCL, MCL and Meniscus muscle. When I hit the ground I also broke my scapula, separated my left shoulder, and damaged all my ligaments in my left shoulder. My doctor told me I had a catastrophic injury and it will take years to get healthy. Gail used her healing skills on my leg and shoulder before and after my operation. I then had my operation in which I had an ACL replacement and repaired my LCL, PCL, MCL and Meniscus muscle. I am walking ahead of schedule. My physician told me I am at least one year ahead of schedule. He told me people with less an injury were not doing half as well as me. Without Gail and my physician I believe I would still be in need of aid. Gail is incredible. I highly recommend her for healing. I believe her gift of healing helped me get back to work a lot sooner than anyone expected.

M.W. Franklin, MA


My First Soul Healing

I had been struggling with a lot of fears and anxiety and health problems, I went to go see Rev, Gail Hicks and she truly was a blessing, I believe her Soul Healing changed my life for the better, I have a genetic disease that is "incurable." She made me realize that you are what you believe you are with the help of a Soul Healing I gained control of my life, I replaced my fear with faith, I truly can now say I  face everyday with out the fear that once consumed my life. I believe that anyone who has an incurable disease, fears or anything else bothering them would benefit greatly from a Soul Healing.

I thank Rev Gail Hicks, for all her help and for using the wonderful gift she was born with to help heal others. I look forward to future healing, and most of all I look forward to enjoying my life with my beautiful son and my wonderful husband. Taking my own power back and with the power of positive thinking, and truly believing  all things are possible, and enjoying the miracles, that fall into our lives everyday. Thank you again for my healing.

Jodi from Dartmouth, MA  2008


Sjogren’s Syndrome...

In 1994, I started working in a “Sick” Building. In 1995, the Dept. of Public Health shut down this building after one week of investigation. During this time, I developed “Sjogren’s Syndrome.”

This is a disease that has many aspects. It causes most of the compounds between the joints to stop working almost like drying up and causing severe arthritic symptoms, it can also mimic the symptoms of Lupus & Lyme Disease; eventually this can be very debilitating. Your lungs can also dry up along with any other liquids in your body including your mouth and eyes. I have no saliva in my mouth and can not swallow or speak without water, nor do I have tears in my eyes at this time, last year I almost lost my eyesight because of the ocular rosecia which is a drying of the eyes. The most obvious thing about this is that my saliva glands have stopped working and I look like I have Chipmunk cheeks all the time.

When I started to get help from Gail was on March 28, 2003, at this time I was on 15 different pharmaceuticals medications that were costing over $200.00 per month just to try and help with the pain and maybe begin to correct the problems with my mouth and eyes. Two of these medicines were not on the market. I was able to get them because I joined the study to test them and made myself a human guinea pig to try and alleviate some of the symptoms in my mouth from the “Sjogren’s Synd rome”. I was also using prescribed medicine for allergies; I was allergic to everything including the Sun.

I have been to see Gail three times. I am only taking 2 medications at this time, one is for my mouth to help with the saliva, which is really not helping and the other is over the counter tear drops to help with the dry eyes. I no longer take any medication for the pain or allergies, the ocular rosecia has been eliminated and my salvia glands have been reduced significantly, soon I will have a normal looking face.

I believe without Gail’s help this could not have happened. May God bless her in all her healing abilities and other endeavors. It’s now July 2005, I am no longer on any prescribed medication, I do still use over the counter eye drops. The saliva glands in my face are almost normal, most people don’t even notice anymore. I believe without Gails’ help this could not have happened for any of us.

D.N. Middleboro, MA 2005


Soul Healings...

I have had the pleasure to know Rev. Gail Hicks for more than 5 years. One of the most amazing gifts is her Soul Healing. In a Soul Healing, you say and release your burnt affirmations. It is followed by a laying on of hands.  In the most recent Soul Healing, Gail was able to relieve me of recurring pain in my right shoulder. After the Soul Healing, I feel rejuvenated, alert and alive. A Soul Healing focuses me on what is important to me, and gives me the road map to achieve all I want.  I highly recommend a Soul Healing to anyone in search of more focus, energy and light in their life.

J.D., Los Angeles 2004


Fertility Gift…..

For the past two years, I have had 6 failed inseminations, 2 failed invitro surgeries and 3 shots of fertility medication per day. Doctors diagnosed me with a low ovarian reserve or Premature Ovarian Failure. Basically, it took a ton of medication for my body to produce on or two eggs and even then, those eggs would not fertilize. I decided to stop all medication and scheduled a Soul Healing with Gail on December 14, 2001. After our session, she gave me a list of affirmations, cleansing bath, and a special health drink. (opt.) Gail told me that I would get pregnant in the next few months. On January 23, 2002 a little over a month after our first session, I found out that I was pregnant.

K.G. Lakeville, MA 2002


Rachel’s Story

Although I truly believe that Ms. Hicks does not need testimonies from people to defend or convey who and what she is, I prefer instead, to share a story with whom ever wants to listen. I was visiting a friend whose dog was very ill. This pet had tumors so large they were dragging on the floor. I could not believe when I saw him that evening that his tumors had shrunk to half the size, ( and have continued to do so ever since). My friend told me that Gail had worked on him for six hours, through remedies, healing tools, and prayer. Through our conversations that evening, Gail gained knowledge that I was getting a tooth extracted in three days. She could tell I was in a great deal of pain. I told her that I had been on pain medications, but they were not working. I was waking up several times at night from the tooth pain. So, she asked if she could work on me. I agreed. She used tuning forks, song, prayer and the gift she was born with. When I opened my eyes, my head had stopped pounding and the pain had subsided. I drove home in amazement, but kept my pain medication by my bedside stand convinced I would wake up with my tooth pounding. I slept through the night for the first time in two weeks. I had absolutely no pain until the day my tooth was extracted. I also had very little pain after the procedure and did not take any pain medication for the recovery process. I feel blessed to have meet Gail and experienced her gift. I hope that by sharing my story, it will help other human beings in their journey toward healing.

Rachel Nicholas Cape Cod, MA 2003


Healing with Sound...

My son, Jacob, was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at the age of 4. At that time he had been in three different pre-schools because of his behavior problems. After one session with Rev. Hicks, I observed incredible changes in my son. Jacob, who had never been able to give me any feedback about his days, suddenly started sharing his experiences from school with me. He had always watched TV, but now he wanted to know about social interaction. For example, he asked why the characters would argue and if Batman was real. I took Jacob for a follow up healing about 6 months later and was floored when shortly thereafter he told me his first joke. Understanding sarcasm and facial expressions are major difficulties for autistic children. He is now almost 6 and starting first grade next week, so I brought him for another session hopefully to help his focus level in school. I have no doubt that without the incredible healings he has had, my son could have ended up in a school for developmentally delayed children. Instead I enjoy picking him up from the bus stop each day, knowing he is not on any medication, and is living a “normal Life.”

C.C. Tiverton, RI


Sharon’s story…

I came to Rev. hicks after being told by my physician that my lab tests showed that I have cervical cancer. I was advised to have a complete hysterectomy and to do so very quickly. Instead I sought a second medical opinion outside the state and went through additional tests. At the same time I began healing sessions with Rev. Hicks. When I returned for test results from the second opinion physician, I was told that my tests were negative and there was no sign of cancer. I owe this dramatic change to the Spiritual healings.

SP., Olympia, WA. 2001