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Rev. Gail Hicks a nationally recognized spiritual medium 
and healer for thousands of clients over the past 18 years, in
major cities, spiritual centers and churches throughout the U.S.A. and Great Britain. Naturally a gifted medium, Gail continued her studies at the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield and received her Certification of Ordination in 1997. She is a native of Atlanta, Ga., recently moved to Fall River, Ma., to pursue her healing career in the New England area. Rev. Hicks offers her spiritual gifts of consulting & healings to adults, children, horses, dogs, etc. She continues to teach classes & workshops on Spiritualism, Mediumship, Healing and how to communicate with your guides and teachers in the Spirit World. 

*Special Thanks to Rick Britto for all of his creative input and help with my first CD. What a wonderful experience to share with you. I am so thankful to Franny McGarry for sharing her fabulous, talented, happy husband with me! 
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Let me tell you about my initial experiences while listening to your meditation c.d..  Personally, I felt it was very successful (particularly for a "first try"), considering I have tried numerous types of meditations in the past.  I'm always looking for the right tool to help me open up that door, so that I may continue onward.  This seems to have worked well for me. Here goes:

I saw all colors...including numerous rainbows. I then viewed the pyramids.
Next I was looking at a mountainous region.  It appeared to be early morning.

When meeting my guides, my experiences were:  Joy guide - Fantastic violet/purple color.  Very electric - with pulsating shapes.

Native American guide - The color that came through was what I would call (oddly enough) Indian Red !  It happens to be the color of my kitchen !!!  Next, the face of an elderly Native American man came through. After he left, the eyes (only) of a (younger) male Native American man came through . . . very powerful, very strong.  Felt like he was looking right through me !

Dr. of Chemistry - A lot of gold color.  Various forms - nothing distinct.  Gold was mixed with purple.

Dr. Teacher - This brought a lot of purple and violet color forward.  No distinct shapes, just a lot of color.

Master Guide - Both violet and white color that changed to mostly white.  I saw a white dove  that appeared - then flew off.  I saw a right hand emerge from the clouds.  (I want to call it the hand of God).  My physical sensations at this point were feeling electrified / jittery inside.  I also felt nauseous,

When I completed the c.d., I felt energized.  That was a nice treat!

I really enjoyed my first meditation session with your c.d..  I plan to continue using it, an hope things continue on that path.  Many thanks.

Thanks again!

P.S. Chester, NH