Reverend Gail Hicks


Editorial Interviews

New Bedfod Standard Times
"Spiritual Adviser sees Red Sox going all the way"
article by Curt Brown
from October 15, 2007


"The good, the bad and the ugly"
Local soothsayers look to the future and see plenty in store for 2006
article by Jennette Barnes 
from January 6, 2006


"Spiritual adviser sees a Super Bowl win for Pats"
article by Zach Rocha
from January 30, 2005


"Spiritualist minister uses gift for healing"
article by Charolette Enoksen
from November 6, 2004


"Spiritual adviser hits a home run with reading"
article by Zach Rocha
from October 29, 2004


"World Series win? It's in the cards"
article by Zach Rocha
from October 3, 2004

"I Guess she saw this one coming!"
 article by Hank Seaman
 from February 3, 2004


"Spiritual adviser picks New England in Super Bowl thriller"
article by Sarah Martineauf
from January 23, 2004


Correspondent consults three mediums to see what his future holds in store."

article by David Costa
from November 16, 2003