Reverend Gail Hicks


Consultation Testimonials

The Reverend Gail Hicks has been a God-sent spiritual and healing guide to my family and I for the last 5 years.  Her spiritual guidance and intuition have helped us change the way in which we perceived the world.  By practicing what Gail has taught us my family and I are living richer, healthier, and more positive lives  Learning to make our affirmations, having faith that they will be answered, and living without fear have profoundly changed our lives.  The Reverend and her spirit guide have helped my family and I by giving us a place to turn when we needed an outside view on important matters.  They're on target insights have always lead us on a positive path.  Her guidance and giving nature are truly amazing, and we consider her our life long friend!

K.B. Dyer, IN


Rev. Hicks  and her doctor teacher, Dr. Bigelow weren't kidding when they said you "had my number' in the August 2007 reading. In that reading we talked about my healing from the accident, a new karate business venture with two friends and focus on one of them in particular who has come to have a greater and greater influence on my healing.

1. You told me that doing Qi Gong with M. would be very healing. At that time, there was no class or opportunity. Then I got a call in September about his grand master being in town for a weekend seminar. I went into that seminar in pain. Within 5-10 minutes of doing Qi Gong, I was in no pain. At that seminar, his grandmaster gave him permission to teach. From that came a class that M. started in our karate school. Since I started doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong in our classes in November, I have not only healed so much that I don't need my pain management doctors anymore, but I've lost 15 pounds! On top of that, I am training to be an instructor, so that we will have coverage of classes as we expand. (I suspect this is 1 of the 6 things you said I had to offer to my business partners.)

2. As a result of the healing, and a recent opportunity sent my way, I am on my way back into working in massage therapy again. Once we have our own space for our karate school, one of my business partners wants me to set up practice there. (Dr. Bigelow had said in the reading that I would be going back to massage therapy.)

3. So many of the things you told me about M. he has revealed gradually and I always drop my jaw, because he says these things in very close to the exact words that you used about him. We are indeed very connected and I am usually right with him in thought or just a step behind. Our energies really do bounce off one another and I think we are all in for a fantastic ride with the ideas that we will develop in our business! Also, his influence has opened so many other doors to my life that needed healing. I had no idea when you did my reading that this association would bring on more than the physical healing of my injuries. My life is truly changing for the better

4. You had said that I would be teaching our nutrition program. Just this very day, my other business partner asked me if I wanted to apprentice under our healthy cooking instructor.

5. There have been so many things that my business partners have said in the past few months, that it was like hearing a playback of what your or Dr. Bigelow said in my reading!
Thanks to both you and Dr. Bigelow!

J.P. Atlanta, GA


I would highly recommend Gail to everyone and anyone. I cannot express enough the peace I have in my life because of her. This has been an extremely rough year and she touched on everything I have been going through and gave me hope, peace and insight.
From my relationships, to the past, present and future........she gave me hope and got things 100% correct.
My first reading with her this year touched on this big state board exam I had to take.  She told me that I will pass with flying colors, to not worry about it and she sees me passing. She also said when I will pass and when I will start working and the kinds of places I will be looking at or working at.   I passed the test with flying colors and the job opportunities are exactly as she described.   I just got a part time job at a hospital and  she mentioned and was very clear about me working for a chiropractor and learning more things with alternative healing. By chance I walked passed a chiropractor that happened to be involved with a lot of alternative healing. I have not got the job yet but they are extremely interested in me working there so I will find out in the next couple weeks but everything she said about my test, my job and where I am going to go with it is coming true 100%.
She was correct in some relationship issues and she said some things to me that is supposed to come true in the next few weeks and I am confident it will happen as everything else was correct she told me.
Not only she knows your past present and future but the positive energy she gives off gives you so much peace and hope.    I had a heck of  year and I don't know how I would have gotten thru without her. She makes a tape of the reading and I have played the last one over and over again  and when I do I walk away feeling so much joy and feeling so positive.
She has a gift and I look forward to getting a healing from her one day!
Thank you Gail!  

L.R. Illinois


I met the Reverend Gail Hicks in November 2007....I initially went for a first ever reading, and, was it ever an interesting experience.  I had a job at the time that was chaotic and too much stress for me to deal with.  When I went to see Gail, she picked up on the job issues right away, but, she also said that a job change was near.  About a year later, I changed jobs.  Gail was able to tell me a portion of the new job's business name, and a description as to what they do....and....she was exactly right!  Every little bit of information Gail receives in a reading, it always ends up making sense and things eventually fall into place with the information you receive in her readings. 
    Reverend Gail Hicks is the only person I would ever sit with to have a reading, she is truthful with what she receives and sees, and is one of the most likable people I have ever met.  A reading with her is usually enlightening, fun, and honest. She will say things to you that you would never think anyone could pick up on. 
    Gail is one of the nicest, most honest, and humorous people that I would, without a doubt go see again. Its definitely worth making some time out of your schedule to make an appointment with Gail. 

Fall River, MA


I met Rev. Gail at a Holistic Expo in Taunton and felt a connection with her through her wonderful sense of humor and directness.  I made an appointment with her for a clairvoyent consultation.  During the session she mentioned that she saw me getting pregnant before October or November of 2006 and that the baby will be a girl.  My husband and I found out we were having a baby in August of 2006 and Miss Sarah Elizabeth was born May of 2007.  Rev. Gail is a very gifted and joyous person. You just can 't help but be lifted up when you are around her.  I highly recommend a session with her.

J.L.S. North Dighton, MA


I went to see Reverend Gail Hicks for my very first reading.  I was very nervous and excited, but she made me feel so comfortable.  I was pleasantly surprised at first when she began by singing a song that she heard as she concentrated on me.  It was very emotional for me, laughing at one point, crying at another.  When it was over, I felt better.  She touched on a lot of things I knew I had to deal with, and now I knew how.  I've shared my experience with friends/co workers and told them how much she helped me.  Rev. Gail you will be forever in my prayers.  Thank you and God Bless!

Laura Boulanger, Rochester , MA 2006


The excitement that I have for Gail’s readings and healings is an indescribable feeling,  and may just jump out of your computer monitor and fill you with a zest of life and energy.  My first visit with Gail was for a reading.  Immediately she makes you feel comfortable and warm.  To say the least, her reading was accurate and detail oriented.  Unlike many readings I’ve had in the past, she didn’t waste time talking about your past, or herself.  She tells you what is to come, what to look out for, and how to handle what is coming your way.  She even told me the color car my company was going to give me, and the exact increase in pay I would receive—along with many other awesome accurate details!!   

After the reading, Gail told me, “You think that was good, wait until you try my healings”.  How could I resist??  To say the least- her healing was TOTALLY AMAZING.  One month later, I am still feeling the cleanliness, and light of my spirit.  I highly recommend Gail as a friend, and a healer.  Thanks again Gail, you are truly gifted healer.

N. Creegan , New York 2006

In February of 2004 I met Rev. Gail Hicks via a phone reading.  I called from Texas and left a message about a problem I was having.  She was nice enough to call me back and do my reading over the phone.  Telling me that my business was going to open in an A month, when I said "yes we would like to open in April", she said I see more like August.  "I said oh no it is going to be April.:  She said ok but I do see August.  We opened August 26th.  She went on to tell me other things that all came true, but what she did for me that night was so calming and helped me get through a very tough moment in my life.  My business was and is very important to me and she helped me more than she will ever know. 

When I arrived home, I immediately made an appointment to see her in person for a reading.  My first face to face meeting with Gail was in March of 2004, and everything she said on the phone and that night in person has come to fruition.  I have become very close with Gail and truly believe that she has a very special gift. Throughout the year I have had many readings and more reasons to believe that she truly cares about her clients.  Gail is connected to a very powerful spirit world and is one of the most giving, sweet and knowledgeable people I know.

Reverend Gail Hicks is infectious!  She is so spiritual, son connected and so passionate about what she does.  She is a true asset to my life and my business, also a true friend.

Just for the record everything she has said to me has either come to fruition or I am waiting for it to.

KL - Dartmouth, MA 2005


My first experience with Gail was amazing. I was working at a place I could not stand. I was in need of an enormous change. I was in the break room one day and saw her flyer in there. I took done her number and as I was writing a coworker said to me she is amazing let me tell you about it! She recanted a tale of accuracy and "knowing" that was almost spooky. So by then I was terribly curious and a little skeptical for I had NEVER heard such high praise.
I called and made my appointment with Gail. And when I got there with my 10 questions in hand she systematically went through them answering them one by one with out ever unfolding the paper. It had been some time since my divorce and had not seen anyone at all in months. So I asked of my love life she told me told me that I would meet not 1 but 2 guys in 2 weeks to 2 months and then even named them ...she says Mick no MICHAEL and then David no Daniel and that they had (R) vibrations around them.

And then on to work. She said that I needed to get my house in order that I would be working from home and making lots of money. Which at that time I had no inclination too. So I rather disregarded it. On a whole I was so busy at the time that I put the entire reading in the back of my mind.

Then about 4 months later I was driving down the road to buy more supplies for my HOME BASED BUSINESS and thinking about moving in with my new boyfriend DANIEL ( I had been dating an acquaintance Michael prior) they were Romanian by the way(R vibrations) when it hit me!!!! Everything small minute detail HAD COME TO PASS!!! I stopped ! Spun the car around and drove home and listened with my business partner to the tape Gail had made for me! Word for word it was the last 4 to 5 months of my life!!!

Gail is not only amazingly accurate but a fantastic, funny,caring individual that I cherish as a friend and advisor! Her GOD given talent is a precious gift.

P.S. - Gail I wanted to add how I FOUND you again as well but it seems that I carried on so long it might be too much. If you don't think so I will be happy to add this part as well. Let me know.

R.W. Atlanta, GA. 2005


Gail has been instrumental in my success both spiritually and with my career.  In her readings she has awakened me to new possibilities by giving me great advice on a variety of topics in addition to her readings which have been dead-on right…  In a few readings I have been skeptical about some of the information I was given, but as time passed, more and more things came true.  Interesting enough, during our readings, at times I would have fixed expectations on what should occur in the reading and would become skeptical when I didn’t get what I wanted; but funny enough, the information that would come thru is what exactly I needed at the time.  I’ve learned that the spirit world does not derive its information on our fixed expectations.  Having an open mind is the key to receiving to having a great reading.  Gail is by far the best psychic I’ve been to…  Thanks Gail! 

S.P. Santa Monica, CA. 2004


In Jan. 2004, I had a reading with Rev. Gail Hicks. My questions were written on a sheet of paper that she held, but did not read. The questions were focused on my daughter-singing career. She told me right away “7/ll” all around me and that managers would be coming out of the wood works with offers to manage my daughter. The “New York” card came up, and she told me that there would be a minimum three different people to choose. She also said that it would be a man or that the name rhymed with Rudy, or something to that effect.

In July, we went to the National Talent America Show in New York City, which has many mangers and agents judging the competition. On that Sunday, which was 7/11/2004, my daughter won the competition, and received callbacks from over dozen mangers, which wanted to represent her. My readings included very specific details for each question and the events from this session with Rev. Hicks are all coming true. I am looking forward to my next reading.

K. M.  Westport, MA 7/23/2004


I want to start off by saying that I am so glad that I have come in contact with Gail again. I never had no idea that she had moved away and I don't know how long she had been gone. But here's to you Gail, glad I found you again!

I became aquatinted with Gail back in 1991-1992. My sister introduced us one evening.  I had went to Gail for several readings thru out the years up until 95. We just got busy with things and I lost contact with her. My readings were very detailed
and very true. Gail told me so many things that I just couldn't believe.  On all of my readings, everything had come to past except the one thing that I have always wanted.  From 1991, 1992 to the present. I can say that now I am complete.
The last thing just came to past this past June 2003.

But one of the things that was told to me, I thought that this would ever happen.  One evening at one of my visits with Gail, one of the questions I had wanted to be answered was regarding my  x-husband. I wanted to know if I was ever going to
have peace and never be bothered with him. He had made my life a living hell  for over 10 years. Her response was yes of course and she said that it would be permanent.  Now remember years have passed since that particular reading and just 4 years ago, and now he is dead, drank to much and killed himself.  She told me that exact thing would happen.

Back to June 2003. My question that has never come to pass was will I ever meet someone that would fall in love with me. She told me that I would. That he would be 5-6 years older than me. Which I have always been with someone 1-2 years younger than me? That he would love to travel. That he lived near water and had a home that had a driveway long enough that you could see who was coming to visit before they got there. Here it is August 2003 12 years later guys! And guess what. Found him, or should I say he found me.!  This guy is 5 years older. Travels all the time. Lives near water and, and has a driveway like she described.

We met through my work. I contacted him to get him to handle our collections.  We started talking on the phone at work back in June 2003 and to the present. This lead to personal emails and then phone calls at home. He has visited once. Has to drive 12 hours to see me. He's coming back down Labor Day. And then again on 9-20 to go to a concert with me in Atlanta.

Gail and I have kept in touch now for the last 2 to 3 weeks just catching up and giving advice to each other.  I had her to do another reading, (long overdue) before my new love was to visit for the first time.  All was good and she told me more awesome things that I would never believe would happen.  Example: this is cute.  Charlie is from the North and he loves my southern draw. He is always laughing and making me laugh at myself, which was hard for me to do until I met him.  He would always tell me, you've got to stop and smell the roses, because they do smell good. As Gail was reading me with Dr. B's help, she started laughing. I asked what are you laughing at? She said Dr. B is singing a song, " You better stop and smell the roses." Then she asked did this mean anything. I said yes it does and I told her what Charlie said. She told me so many things that happened when he got here I would have to write a book.

One thing that I do want to say. Gail is also a great healer.  I purchase one of her CD's on meditation.  The first track was on healing.  For the last 3 days I have been waking up at 2am -4am with a sharp pain in the center of my chest. I would break out in sweat, just drenched. I would literally take my clothes off and double up and just sweat for about 30 minutes and then the pain would go away. But the strange thing is that it always came back between 2am and 4am.  Just last night I put my headphones on and listened to the CD for the first time.  All the way through following instructions. I slept sound, the best sleep I had had ever!!!! And guess what no more pain!!. The healing meditation worked. And it was as if she were here with me. 

I could go on for ever and express my thoughts and feelings.  Maybe in another testimonial, I know I will.  But for now, I want to thank you Gail for being there when I needed you, personally with other problems that have occurred in July. Thanks for the pep talk and I will always remain your friend.  Gail is very special to  me and always will be. I will say this, out of all the heartaches that I have encountered in the past with my ex and the problems I have went through, I would do it again to meet Charlie.  To you girl, You Go!

K.P. Atlanta, GA. 2003


During a mini trance with Burning Eagle on Saturday I was told that on my walks in the woods I would find something that would confirm spirit, for me…

Was it the deer that ran up to me on the path, that then turned and ran when she realized I wasn’t St. Francis, but just pretending? Was it the turkey whose tail feathers brushed the lips of my dog as it flew to safety? Was it the torrential rain that held off till I got back to the car? Was it the perfect egg shaped white quartz rock whose heart beat louder than all the other rocks that seem to vibrate my wave? Was it the ancient cedar tree whose wisdom and peace sang so eloquently through the breeze? Was it that sense of peace on the knoll where the crows nest, and the fox has her den carved out? Was it the opportunity to be truly alive, the chance to heighten my awareness, listen, and perceive, watching for it all the while? Was it God experiencing the world through my eyes and ears, Spirit communicating with itself, without me knowing? Who knows, maybe tomorrow?

 G. R. New Bedford, MA 2000