Reverend Gail Hicks


Clairvoyant Message Circle

Private Readings/Party Event

This is an opportunity to have a personal individual readings at your home or business with Rev. Hicks.  Each person will have a 1/2 hour session (3-5) questions answered through spirit communication/tarot cards and a personal flame card for $60 minimum of 6 people with deposit of $100 to reserve the date.  If you have more people for private session, then 'Mini Readings with a flame card would be 15 minutes per individual $30 each minimum of 10 people.  Plus travel expenses to be added depending on location.

$100 deposit to reserve the date for you event non-refundable payable through Paypal or credit card.

If you do not have ten then perhaps a private (individual readings) for each person would be best. Please contact me for dates available and pricing.

Master Nazarod  Why are we here.. Akashic  Records
(Inspirational teachings)

Master Nazarod is the first 'Entity' to speak through me at the age of seventeen.  My first 'Trance experience' was when Nazarod came through me to talk about the Cosmos and the other Universes.  There are many lessons and teaching to learn form these Entities and Beings for the Light and this is how they utilize me. So I am honored to be a part of this special gathering. To listen to the teaching of the Akashic records and our purpose for being on the earth plane at this time.  The word 'akashic records' being s Sanskrit word = 'sky, space are described as containing all knowledge of our human experiences and all form our past history of the cosmos encoded or written in the very spiritual body or fabric of all existence.  Master Nazarod will share the 'Cosmos Consciousness' and the Ethereal Plane of the 'soul group' who attend this special event.  The groups energy as a whole will be determined the evening and what phenomena will be shared with all.  Come with a receptive mind and a open heart.

Evening with Dr. Bigelow (my Dr. of Philosophy)

This trance teaching would be with my Dr. Bigelow who would be giving a teaching/talk to those in the circle on mediumship and how to work with their guides.  He would address the group and allow questions to be ask about their work on mediumship, etc. Sometimes he gives messages to the group and or individuals.  (minimum 8 no maxium)