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Spiritual Sculpting

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Spiritual Sculpting with Celluderm Technology™ Treatments
*FDA Approved*

Celluderm Technology™ Incorporates a holistic approach into esthetic and therapeutic treatments by balancing the circulation networks essential to the health and well-being of the body. Celluderm Technology is a non-invasive biological drainage apparatus designed to stimulate and improve lymphatic drainage. The combination of heat and vacuum suction activates the lymphatic system and drains excess fluid and harmful toxins from the body. These treatments helps to move stored fat cells out of the body such as Cellulite and promotes Fat Reduction for both women and men. A 24-hour Fat-Free Diet followed after the treatment will allow the body to utilize the fat for normal metabolic functions.

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What is Celluderm?

The goal of treatments is to decrease the size of fat cells and to enhance the lymphatic system by retexturing and smoothing connective tissues subcutanelouly. 

Celluderm treatments progressively wear down congestion by using an innovative trio system. Combining heat, vacuum suction and a 24-hour fat-free diet, this trio system produces impressive results.


Just a few  Benefits of Celluderm Technology Treatments:


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